Everyone loves to listen music. But managing and syncing your tracks manually, is a pain. It’s very convenient for us to use apps like Gaana or Saavn to download and manage your tracks completely without any manual effort.

Both the apps comes in remarkable pricing packages. Frankly speaking, I have subscribed for the annual package for both the apps. The reason for me choosing both may also help you to get the answer for the question “Which is best among Gaana and Saavn”

So, here is why?

Each of these apps can accommodate up to 5 devices per subscription. So my mom and dad loves to hear songs from Malayalam movies while me and my sister go for English and Hindi and that too with the best audio quality.

Saavn has the very best collection of songs in almost all regional languages which are not available in Gaana. Even the songs from the famous Bollywood movies like “Race 2” aren’t listed in Gaana. The files are stored in the local app directory as .mp3 but trust me, I have tried almost all options to play it using external players and none has worked for me. Also, Saavn takes more space compared to Gaana when both had same list of tracks.

Gaana on the other hand has excellent sound quality. The way it stores the downloaded music tracks is extraordinary.But searching for tracks is pathetic. Some albums and tracks are not listed even though there is no valid reason for this. Download manager is pretty good when compared to Saavn.

So I bought Saavn for my parents while Gaana for me and my sister. I hope this post will help you as well to decide between Gaana and Saavn. Please let me know your thoughts or comments.



It’s been quite long since I have posted something on my blog.

I am a regular viewer of Flash and since in last episode Berry Allen transformed into dust, I thought there might be a chance that the following is gonna happen.

This is simply hypothetical and my imagination.

Berry Allen may be now with the Speedforce!! Well, when he hit by that thunder storm, Berry fused with the Speedforce again to vanish from this world into another where his mother is alive and Berry is already dead (Reverse-Flash might have killed him on that night). The people there realize that it is Berry and restrict him to vanish from their lives again.

Another version which I saw in youtube suggests that Berry turned into pure energy and is flowing through his memories. Well I don’t think that this is a very good theory but you can view it below.

Either way, Episode 21 of Season 2 will be released tomorrow (May 10, 2016) and it’s just one more day to know the truth. If you feel there can be another alternative, feel free to comment below.